WTI Distribution, Inc.

Don Harpenau and L.A. Lift Services go back a long way – 20 years. Mr. Harpenau is L.A. Lift's first customer. Don has owned several businesses and currently owns WTI Distribution, Inc., a 65,000 square feet warehousing, distribution and logistics business in Chino, California. Over the years, Mr. Harpenau has purchased approximately 30 forklifts and rented numerous pieces of equipment as needed from L.A. Lift Services.

When a customer sticks with one vendor for decades, in the case of Mr. Harpenau, the vendor is no longer just a "vendor", but a partner – an extension of their company. Although Don finds the service Reed La Tourette and the rest of the L.A. Lift team provides to be excellent, he has had contact with other forklift companies, but none were worthy of his long-term business.


What do you like about L.A. Lift Services?

“L.A. Lift is quick to handle things with urgency, whether it is a sale, rental, service, repairs or maintenance. They have rental equipment ready when you need it. Their rental equipment is highly maintained and functions well. L.A. Lift Services maintenance plans save money and hassle. I always invest in maintenance plans on new and used products.”

How does L.A. Lift Services compare with other forklift companies you have used in the past?

“I briefly dealt with another company and their prices were just too high. I was unable to have a sales associate to cater to my needs and advocate for my best interests because employee turnover was so great. L.A. Lift knows me and my business; their prices are fair. Employees do not come and go - I like that.”

How can L.A. Lift Services better serve you?

“I thought about this long and hard - Reed and the L.A. Lift team do an outstanding job. L.A. Lift customers I have spoken to agree. I refer other businesses to L.A. Lift all the time.”

Provide an L.A. Lift Services experience good or bad.

“A singular experience does not come to mind. Overall, L.A. Lift is good at understanding your requirements. Reed spends a lot of time providing different options after analyzing my needs versus costs. You simply don’t need to worry about it when L.A. Lift Servicesis involved.”

Contact information:
Don Harpenau
Company: WTI Distribution, Inc. 
Location: Chino CA
Website: www.wtidi.com