Our Mission

Revolutionizing Forklft Service

Our Vision 
Outperform all of our competitors in all aspects of forklift service and do the right things for both our customers and equipment. 

Our Employee's Common Values
Continuous Improvement
Customer Service

Our Core Business
The timely service and repair of forklift equipment that is either leased, rented or owned by our customers.

Our Products
We supply and support higher quality maintenance & repair services, rental equipment, new/used forklifts, parts, attachments, scissor and boom lift equipment, pallet racking, and other material handling equipment.  

Our Philosophy
Partner with our customers to make good equipment decisions and provide first-rate service to go with it, whether you lease, rent or own.

Our Purpose 
To be successful while saving our customers money by delivering faster up-time, longer equipment service life, less downtime, greater safety which translates into higher profits for our customers. 

Our Promise
We will continuously challenge our entire team to deliver our services to your door with greater speed and value. If we can't consistently outperform your current vendor(s), you don't need us!