Stansport sells outdoor camping equipment in retail stores and online from their 85,000 square foot warehouse in Los Angeles, CA. Stansport’s slogan is, “Where we make Camping Fun". In turn, L.A. Lift Services strives to keep Stansport happy with the forklift service they provide.

Christa Chavez of Stansport has been doing business with L.A. Lift Services for 2 years. They own two forklifts that operate non-stop Monday through Friday from 6pm to 2am. Christa Chavez made the smart choice and purchased preventative maintenance plans for each of the lifts; she has not regretted the decision. “L.A. Lift Services comes right to the Stansport warehouse for scheduled maintenance." Christa said, “If there ever is a breakdown we can always count on L.A. Lift Services to handle it quick and painlessly.”


What do you like about L.A. Lift Services?

“If something goes wrong, we can always count on them. L.A. Lift Services goes above and beyond for Stansport. They take care of it.”

How does L.A. Lift Services compare with other forklift companies you have used in the past?

Stansport did work with another forklift company. Christa commented, “It was a nightmare. They had poor customer service and responded slowly to maintenance and repair requests.”

How can L.A. Lift Services better serve you?

Although this is not a direct criticism to Reed and the L.A. Lift Services Team, Christa said, “After ordering new equipment, it can take up to a month to receive it from the manufacturer. I’d like to see equipment arrive sooner.”

Contact information:
Christa Chavez
Location: Los Angeles CA